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Photo Kacper Kowalski / Port of Gdańsk

Questions and requests from potential investors, part 2 [PDF document, 141 KB]

Questions and requests from potential investors, part 1 [PDF document, 178 KB]


PGE is engaged in the provision of operator services, especially maritime-land transfer and storage services for goods delivered by water, road and railway transport, with a dominant share of general and bulk cargo. The company operates in an area of over 89 hectares in the Port of Gdańsk, characterised not only by an attractive location, but also a considerable investment potential (e.g. Dworzec Drzewny Quay).

PGE is currently one of the most interesting and prosperous investment options on the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) maritime market.

Investment teaser for Port Gdański Eksploatacja [PDF document, 9 MB]

Income statement and Balance 2020 [Excel document, 61 KB]


PGE is currently one of the largest port operators and cargo handling companies:

  •  Extensive experience in the market
  •  Attractiveness in terms of location
  •  Broad variety of services
  •  Significant development potential

Investment teaser of Port Gdański Eksploatacja - Presentation [PowerPoint presentation, 53 MB]

Maps of leased areas [ZIP archive, 12.6 MB]


The subject of the sale transaction is a block of 291,438 (in words: two hundred and ninety-one thousand four hundred and thirty-eight) registered shares of the Company with a nominal value of PLN 50 each. These shares represent 100% of the share capital of the Company.

Invitation to negotiate [PDF document, 218 KB]

Procedure for the sale (updated on 12.05.2021) [ZIP archive, 1.4 MB]

Procedure for the sale (updated on 28.04.2021) [ZIP archive, 1.4 MB]

Procedure for the sale (updated on 24.03.2021) [ZIP archive, 1 MB]

Procedure for the sale (before update) [ZIP archive, 0.6 MB]


Port of Gdańsk Authority S.A.
Zamknięta 18, 80-955 Gdańsk, POLAND